ECA upgrade training courses

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In order to increase ECA knowledge beyond the basics, we offer training courses on topics associated with export credit guarantees which are individually tailored to your needs in line with your specific requirements.

The training course normally lasts one day. It includes both theory and practical parts with the focus being on the practical exchange of experience.

The “ECA upgrade training courses” are offered by Euler Hermes Aktiengesellschaft.


  • Increasing ECA knowledge
  • Mutual exchange of practical experience

Programme (examples for modules)

Terms of payment

  • Minimum requirements for terms of payment for transactions that are governed by the OECD Consensus
  • Permissible exceptions, e.g. under sector understandings


  • Formal requirements for applications and/or notifications
  • Difference between issues requiring approval and issues which do not require approval

Preconditions for disbursements / proofs in the event of a loss

  • What documents have to be examined / requirements for the extent of the examination
  • Minimum requirements for standard transport documents
  • Differences in the preconditions: direct disbursement procedure / refund procedure
  • Documents to be submitted in the event of a loss
  • Management of subcontracted foreign supplies
  • Consequences of documentation gaps / deviation from the facts documented in the guarantee